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​We strive to know Christ more deeply and to bring others to his redeeming love and grace.

Schedule for Worship and Study

On Sundays:
8:30 AM Morning Prayer in the Chapel

9:00 AM Adult Education in Fellowship Hall

10:00AM Holy Eucharist - Rite II in the Church
Child care provided for Nursery age children

10:00AM- 10:40AM  Children's Sunday School

On Mondays:
2:00PM Bible Study in the Library

On Wednesdays:
10:00AM Holy Eucharist /Morning Prayer in the Chapel

On Thursdays:
5:00PM Evening Prayer in the Chapel

5:30PM Fellowship at The Diversity Cafe

In June 2007, we held a large St. Bede's Day celebration.  We had much to be thankful for – we paid off our mortgage, and it was nearly 50 years since the first Episcopal service was held in our community. 

In 1959, Fr. Wallace Bradley of All Saints Church in Hillsboro received a phone call from a group of Forest Grove residents who were seeking help in organizing a mission.  In early November of 1959, a parochial mission was organized.  St. Patrick was the original name selected by the group.  However, when informed of the name, Bishop Carmen vetoed the idea.  Shortly after, Dr. Russell Roberts, recognizing the location in a college town, suggested that the mission be named in honor of the great 8th century scholar, the Venerable Bede.

On the first Sunday in Advent, November 27, 1959, the first service was held in Price Chapel on the Pacific University campus.  Twenty-two people attended. 

We came to our present location in 1981 with a move from a small chapel mid block on Cedar between 17th and 18th.

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opportunities for ministry

Events and observances

Advent Festival

Christmas Eve Celebration

Pascal Easter Feast

Shrove Tuesday

Ash Wednesday

Passion Week Observances

Bedes at the Beach Campout

Mass on the Grass

Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper

Women's Retreats and Christmas Tea

Men's Retreat and Pentacost Breakfast

Lenten Study Group

Blessing of the Animals

Bede's of Sweat Relay for Life


1609 Elm St, Forest Grove, OR

The congregation at St. Bede's is looking for a Vicar who is interested in a less than full time position. Our budget does not allow us to offer a full time position at this time, we hope we can soon and we appear to be headed in the right direction. So, we are interested in opening up a position where we can customize the responsibilities of the Vicar to match what we can offer in compensation. We are prepared to offer a total compensation of up to $50,000 (which includes pension and medical as required). We are then prepared to negotiate a job description that works for a new Vicar with that compensation in mind. We are open to longer than “normal” time off options, educational leaves, flexible hours etc. In other words we are willing to structure the position to fit your vision.

We are a vibrant mission church serving our community since 1959, with 120 baptized members and an average Sunday attendance of 50. We value weekly Eucharist, mutual ministry, education, fellowship and outreach ministries.

To that end, St. Bede’s seeks a Vicar who:

  • Has a compelling spiritual life and a passion for the Gospel
  • Has the ability to communicate the Gospel in ways that are relevant to the congregation
  • Shares our conviction that liturgy is the main work of the people; we primarily express our faith through thoughtfully planned liturgy, music and prayer
  • Is a capable leader who believes in mutual ministry, welcoming lay leadership (including youth and children) in the church’s ministries
  • Is accessible and has an open communication style
  • Willingly responds to the needs of members during times of personal crisis
  • Will help facilitate Christian education for children and adults
  • Values and is willing to participate in fellowship and outreach activities

In Worship:

Altar Guild

Lector/Lay Reader

Eucharistic Server

Eucharistic Minister


Choir Member