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November 19, 2020: 8am Eucharist Schedule Change

Beginning in December, our 8am in-person Holy Eucharist will be reduced from weekly to the first Sunday of each month until further notice. 

September 16, 2020: Autumn Offerings

Beloved Bedians:

Thanks so very much for your help completing the surveys about worship and adult formation. Your comments really helped us tune into how the Holy Spirit might be moving here at St. Bede’s.  So this is how things look for this fall and winter:

Adult Formation 

We will begin a Wednesday night Zoom dialogue about racism on 2nd and 4th Wednesday nights drawing from some of the Episcopal Church’s “Sacred Ground” curriculum at 7 p.m. for about 10 sessions beginning October 14. Called “One Holy Family,” this dialogue will have specific weekly topics and theological and biblical foci for each session. We should finish in February.  Each session will conclude with Compline around 8:15 pm.  If people simply want to join us for Compline, they are welcome to do so. 

Deacon Val will be leading a book Bible study on Acts on Mondays at 2 p.m. Contact her if you are interested in participating.

Change of plans. On Sunday nights at 7 beginning October 18, we will have an evening Bible study beginning with the book of Romans. (This is in place of the proposed book study on Paul.) Likewise we will conclude with Compline at 8:15 pm and people are welcome to come for Compline even if they can’t join the bible study. The nice thing about a bible study is that it is even more in line with our theme for the year, “Scripture is my support.” 

We are working on a plan for everyone in the whole parish to take a quilt square and decorate it however they want with their favorite scripture. We would then quilt the squares together to make an art piece, perhaps for the parish hall. We hope this will be a way to bring people together even when we can’t be together physically.


Welcome Sunday is this Sunday during the 10:00 service. Before the peace new folks will have the opportunity to introduce themselves via Zoom. Members of the congregation will be invited to send an email to each of the new people and introduce themselves in return. 

We are hoping to continue with our outdoor 8:00 a.m. Holy Eucharist until October 4 weather and air quality permitting. (Look for cancellation information in the E-notes or email, likely this Thursday or possibly as late as Saturday if we have short notice.) This will give folks a chance to bring their beasts (large and small) in person for a blessing on October 4, Feast of St. Francis.  We will also have a blessing at the 10:00 a.m. zoom service on the same morning.

Probably beginning October 11 - depending on COVID numbers, weather, and signups, we will be moving to an indoor Holy Eucharist at 8:00 a.m. If the weather isn’t too cold or wet we might also continue meeting outside at 8 a.m. Be prepared and flexible. Sign ups will be limited to 25 for now as we keep windows and doors open and invite people to bring their own chairs so that we don’t need to wipe down pews at 8:00.  

The 10:00 Zoom Ante-Communion will continue as normal.

More worship options - More Daily Offices will be offered during this academic year as a response to all we are going through via Zoom beginning October 14. Jane Besse+ will be leading 7:30 Morning Prayer on Mondays beginning October 19. We will also be adding an 8:15 pm Compline2nd and 4th Wednesdays and every Sunday beginning October 14.  There appears to be interest in adding more daily offices as well. Let me know if anyone else would like to help lead a daily office. (This is in addition to our regularly scheduled Wednesday Morning prayer at 10 a.m. and Thursday Evening Prayer at 5 p.m.)

Look for the All Saints necrology to be made available in the beginning of October for people to add the names of departed loved ones for reading during our All Saints liturgy.

Game Night: Given little interest and no current leadership, game night is taking a break.  (Let me know if you are interested in leading.) 

May God bless us as we grow in Christ together this academic year.

Every grace,


August 24, 2020: Continuing with Our 8am Outdoor Holy Eucharist

Beloved Bedians:

Our survey was unanimous from those 12 who attended the outdoor Eucharist experiment yesterday. People found meeting face to face meaningful while feeling at the same time we were doing so safely. For the foreseeable future, weather permitting, we will continue to have an 8:00 outdoor Eucharist and a 10:00 Zoom service. We still need you to sign up each week for the outdoor service if you are planning to come, and we will keep an attendance record for contact tracing purposes. Please follow the link above if you would like to sign up. Thank you for your patience as we adapt to new ways of worshipping together under difficult circumstances. As always, it is my deep honor to serve with you as your pastor and fellow minister of Christ.

Every grace,

August 17, 2020

Yesterday, we made the decision to move forward with our 8am outdoor service of Holy Eucharist on Sunday, August 23. It will be a simple outdoor service of Holy Eucharist with no music. Please sign up using the link above and read the information provided to inform you on what you need to know before you arrive. We look forward to praying with you on Sunday!

August 6, 2020:
Preliminary Sign-Ups for 8am Outdoor Holy Eucharist on August 23


Beloved Bedians:

I hope you are well and taking care of yourselves and your loved ones. I pray that God is tending to your souls in this time of unprecedented changes. You may remember that we decided to postpone a decision about in person worship on August 23 until August 16. That date is fast approaching. I have been thinking and praying and talking with many of you about your hopes and with other clergy about what they are doing in their churches. I have also been considering my own ability and comfort level given our present situation. With all of those considerations in my heart and mind I am proposing an experiment on August 23. (I am told by the diocese that since this experiment is more restrictive than our previously approved opening plan, we don't have to go through the approval process, but only notify the diocese of our new restrictions.) I invite you to continue to communicate with me about your concerns and ideas for this experiment which might look something like the following:

8:00 simple outside Eucharist with no music limited to 50 people in masks and socially distanced. Everyone brings their own chairs.


10:00 Zoom Ante-Communion as "normal"

We need your help! Above is a link to a sign up for an 8:00 service. Signing up is a requirement for contact tracing. If you don't sign up and we have 50 people at the service, you will not be allowed to attend. (I don't expect that we will exceed 50 people at this experimental service, but I just need to let people know ahead of time.) Signing up will also help us gauge whether our community is ready for in person worship. With that in mind if you are interested, please sign up by August 15. That will give us more information for our decision on August 16. If all goes well we may consider continuing services this way weather permitting.

As always I encourage your prayers. Pray about our decision on August 16. Pray for fellow Bedians and for the world. Know you are in my prayers as well.

With great hope and love for you all,

July 20, 2020: Re-Opening Date Postponed

Beloved Bedians!

It was wonderful to gather again on Zoom yesterday to pray and sing with you for God's grace to reign among us. You may remember that Linda gave us a powerful message about sowing seeds and waiting for God to act. 

We had planned to begin some in-person worship services on July 26. As I mentioned yesterday due to rising numbers of COVID cases nationally and statewide, I feel it is better to wait to reopen our doors to Sunday morning worship until the end of August.  Therefore, as many of us agreed yesterday after the service, we will wait until August 16 to make a decision about whether or not to begin in-person worship on August 23.  Stay tuned!

I believe God is in this difficult situation working for our good, but we need to be patient.  From talking with you yesterday, it seems we are of one mind about waiting.  So we wait and pray and love God and our neighbors. May we continue to find joy and tell the story of grace with our lives.

In Christ,

July 2, 2020: Sign up for in-Person Sunday Holy Eucharist

Online sign-ups for in-person church services are now available! See our link in the red box above this update to sign-up. We plan to begin services of Holy Eucharist in the church on Sunday, July 26. You may sign up for one of two services: an 8am outdoor simplified Holy Eucharist or a 10am Holy Eucharist in the church nave, with music if possible. Please see our letter below or our full reopening plan above for more information on each service.

Please sign up by 4:30pm on the Thursday prior to the Sunday you plan to attend. This will allow time for us to compile a list of attendees before the end of the office work week, as well as allow time to create a seating chart for Sunday. Slots will be updated at the beginning of each month, and will be available at least one month in advance. IMPORTANT: Service participants (presider, preacher, deacon, musician, live-stream coordinator, etc.) must also sign up, since our gatherings during phase I are limited to 25 people. You may also reserve your spot by calling the office and providing your name(s), phone number, and the date and time of the service(s) you plan to attend. A phone number allows us to contact you if someone who attends tests positive for COVID-19.

Masks will be required at all gatherings. Printed bulletins will not be provided, so we ask that you print and bring you own bulletin or download a copy and view it on a digital device. If you are unable to bring your bulletin, we invite you to come regardless, pray with us, and let the congregation carry you in worship.

For those who wish to continue participating online, we will live-stream our 10am service. We will update you with information about the live-stream as we know more. Please contact the office if you would prefer to listen to our service over your phone, instead of watching our live-stream, and we will work something out.

Due to the uncertain nature of the COVID-19 pandemic, changes in service offerings are possible. Please monitor your E-Notes for updates. We will be sure to update you as soon as we learn anything new.

Thank you for your care and flexibility during this time! Thanks be to God for this wonderful community.

​​​June 18, 2020: Reopening Plan

A Letter from the Vicar​

Beloved Bedians:

This is both a joyful and sobering moment. Bishop Michael has approved our reopening plan, which you will see attached. It is sobering because it comes with some important responsibilities. Churches are uniquely able to communicate coronavirus. Even now churches in the news have been centers of outbreaks in Oregon. We do not want that to happen. At this point we hope to have face-to-face service beginning July 26, God-willing. Know that we will be monitoring state and local guidelines as well as information from the diocese about how to safely worship together. Be prepared for changes that may happen to our plan.

All guidelines for all meetings must follow the stringent rules of our opening plan. If guidelines are not followed, the opening may be rescinded. I am sorry for the stark terms, but it is that important that we keep one another safe. Other churches have struggled on reopening of not being able to follow their plan. Let’s learn from them and be more careful. Sticking with the plan is a real challenge, but it is about loving our neighbors.

AND... it is a joyful moment because we have longed to meet together as a worshiping community. We also rejoice that small groups can begin meeting out of doors as we speak. (If you do plan to meet in person please let the office know when and where so that we are all in good communication.)

We are recommending per diocesan guidelines that those over 60 remain home until the end of phase 2. Know that we will continue to have an online presence so we can all participate together regardless. For those who prefer telephone, when you register for a service, please let Kari know your preference and we will make sure that you are connected to the service via phone.

Please keep St. Bede’s, the Church, our community, and the world in your prayers. It feels like the world has never needed prayer more than now.

Yours in Christ,

A Letter from the Church Administrator

​Dear people of St. Bede’s,

We have good news! Bishop Michael Hanley has approved our reopening plan. Starting July 26, we plan to begin in-person services.

Please see the link above to read our full reopening plan, which includes a phased timeline, service logistics, building use policies, and safety considerations that we will implement as we begin to gather in person again. We encourage you to read it, so that you are aware of the guidelines and how to follow them accordingly.

Starting in phase I (no sooner than July 26), we will be offering these Sunday services:

8am in-person Holy Eucharist

  • Located outside
  • Bring chairs
  • Simplified (no music)
  • Sign-up online or by calling office

10am in-person Holy Eucharist

  • Located in the church nave
  • Will include organ and recorded choir music when possible
  • Sign-up online or by calling office

10am live-stream Holy Eucharist

  • Participate online
  • Call-in to listen if unable to access online

We also plan to offer 7am Morning Prayer and a 9am hybrid Zoom/in-person coffee hour.

Be on the lookout in your E-Notes in early July for online sign-up sheets, which will allow you to claim a spot in one of two in-person Sunday services, as detailed in our reopening plan. You may also call the office to sign up once we begin opening time slots.

Please be aware that we are trying to limit how many people enter the church building as much as possible at this time. Here is the procedure for those who must enter the church:

  • Contact Kari in the office to alert her of your intention to come to the building and discuss if she can run errands in the building on behalf of you
  • Wear a mask
  • Wash your hands or use hand sanitizer upon entering the building
  • Disinfect surfaces touched upon leaving

Thank you all for caring for each other through following this plan. We look forward to seeing you all in person again!



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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, most gatherings have moved online to Zoom. We are beginning to offer limited in-person services.

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We strive to know Christ more deeply and bring others to his redeeming grace.


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