Celebrate Pentecost with us! St. Bede will be moving from Zoom Morning Prayer to Zoom Ante-Communion until we are able to open. We hope the change in liturgy will be more familiar and allow us to sing more hymns.

Ante-Communion is the Liturgy of the Word from the Eucharist, without the Great Thanksgiving or communion of the people. It includes the first part of the Eucharistic rite through the prayers of the people.

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​​May 2020

All meetings take place remotely until further notice. Please see our coronavirus updates page for information on how we are staying connected during this time.

Sun 3     Thomas Merton book group, 9am

               Morning Prayer, 10am

               Godly Play, on YouTube

Wed 6     Morning Prayer, 10am 
Vicar's Drop-In Office Hours, 1pm-4pm 
 Game Night, 6:30pm

Thu 7      National Day of Prayer

               Evening Prayer, 5pm

Sun 10   Thomas Merton book group, 9am
Morning Prayer, 10am
Godly Play,on YouTube

Wed 13   Morning Prayer, 10am 
               Vicar's Drop-In Office Hours, 1pm-4pm 
               Game Night, 6:30pm

Thu 14    Evening Prayer, 5pm

Sun 17    Thomas Merton book group, 9am
Morning Prayer, 10am
 Godly Play, on YouTube

Wed 20   Morning Prayer, 10am 
               Vicar's Drop-In Office Hours, 1pm-4pm 
               BAC Meeting, 6:30pm

Thu 21    Ascension Day

               Ascension Day Service, 5pm

Sun 24   Feast of St. Bede

​               Thomas Merton book group, 9am
Morning Prayer, 10am

               Pentecost reading rehearsal, ​1pm
               Godly Play,
 on YouTube

Wed 27   Morning Prayer, 10am 
               Vicar's Drop-In Office Hours, 1pm-4pm 
               Game Night, 6:30pm

Thu 28    Evening Prayer, 5pm

Sun 31    ​Pentecost

               Thomas Merton book group, 9am
               Ante-Communion, 10am
               Godly Play, on 



We strive to know Christ more deeply and bring others to his redeeming grace.


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The Fifth Sunday of Easter  May 10, 2020

By the Rev'd Marlene Mutchler

One of the Greatest sight gags in old movies is known as “walk this way.” Essentially in a comedy sketch one person leads another asking him or her to “walk this way.” Instead of merely walking along after the leader, the follower mimics his or her idiosyncratic gait. A great example can be found in the movie Young Frankenstein. Some of you may remember that Young Frankenstein is a spoof of the novel Frankenstein by Mary Shelley, where a mad scientist living in a castle creates a monster with the help of his assistant. The gag in Young Frankenstein arises upon the scientist’s arrival at the castle where he meets his assistant Igor. Igor, showing him inside, instructs Frankenstein to “walk this way,” and proceeds to hobble along bent over a small cane. Frankenstein follows him respectfully...

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Pentecost Ante-Communion  Sunday, May 31 at 10am on Zoom

At St. Bede's we offer spiritual formation for adults and children alike.

In-person classes are suspended until further notice.

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On Five Easter, May 10, we will hear Jesus in the Gospel According to John say “I am the way, the truth, and the life.” These breathtaking words catch us up short in their concise, condensed meaning. Jesus, as the icon of the invisible God, shows us the way to live according to his model and pattern. He is the truth about the fundamental nature of reality. He is the life that creates, sustains, and permeates all life...

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