Bede's at the Beach July 28-August 1, Cape Lookout State Park


June 2021

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Sign-ups are no longer required for in-person gatherings.

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Events are on Zoom unless otherwise noted

W 2 -    Morning Prayer, 10am
             Lector Workshop, 6pm
             Compline (said), 8:15pm
Th 3 -    Evening Prayer, 5pm
Sa 5 -    Brotherhood of Saint Andrew BBQ, 1:30pm
                 at John Jordan's home, Gaston
Su 6 -   Holy Eucharist, 8am, Church

             - Blessing of Scripture Quilt & Prayer Shawls,                    High School Senior Recognition
             Pew Restocking Party, 9am, Church Nave
             Ante-Communion, 10am
             Bible Study, 7pm
             Compline (sung), 8:15pm
M 7 -    Morning Prayer, 7:30am
             Benedict & Bede, 6pm
W 9 -    Building & Grounds Meeting, 8am
             Morning Prayer, 10am
             Finance Meeting, 11am
             Compline (said), 8:15pm
Th 10 -  Evening Prayer, 5pm
Sa 12 -  Garden Party, 9am, Church grounds
Su 13 -  Ante-Communion, 10am
             Compline (sung), 8:15pm
M 14 -   Morning Prayer, 7:30am
W 16 -   Morning Prayer, 10am
             BAC Meeting, 6:30pm
             Compline (said), 8:15pm
Th 22 -  Evening Prayer, 5pm
Su 20 -  Ante-Communion, 10am
             Compline (sung), 8:15pm
M 21 -   Morning Prayer, 7:30am
             Benedict & Bede, 6pm
Tu 22 -  Community Hands Up Food Pantry, 2:30pm
                All Saints Church, Hillsboro
W 26 -  Morning Prayer, 10am
             Compline (said), 8:15pm
Th 27 -  Evening Prayer, 5pm
Su 27(Marlene+ begins vacation)
             Ante-Communion, 10am
             Outreach Meeting, 11:30am
             Compline (sung), 8:15pm
M 28 -   Morning Prayer, 7:30am
W 30 -  Morning Prayer, 10am
            Compline (said), 8:15pm


Join us for our annual beach trip! Our community site is D43, where people gather for fellowship, morning and evening prayer, potluck dinners, games, happy hour, a church service, and bonfire on the beach. We try to plan a hike for everyone and a lunch in Tillamook. People can come for the day, for part, or the whole time. Please be aware that we may have to cancel the church-sponsored camp-out due to health concerns.

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We strive to know Christ more deeply and bring others to his redeeming grace.

​​At St. Bede's we offer spiritual formation for adults and children alike:

Monday Bible Study,2-3:30pm (On break for summer)
Sunday Bible Study, 
7-8:15pm (On break for summer - moving to weekday evening in the fall)

Godly Play, Sundays, 9-9:30am (On break for summer)

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It’s hard for me to pick a favorite elementary school teacher. I had some really good ones. What made them good was not so much that they were knowledgeable. They were smart enough, but what taught me most was their humanity and wholeheartedness. Somehow they also saw me as a human capable of great things. Maybe they wouldn’t have articulated it exactly this way, but I believe looking back that they saw the divine image in me and helped me to nurture that part of myself. It turns out that St. Bede, our patron saint, who died on the eve of Ascension Day 735, was a great teacher too...   Read more


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