Benedict and Bede is a devoted group dedicated to growing together in Christ through the practices of Benedictine spirituality.

Please contact us if you are interested or have any questions.

Benedict and Bede 
Second & Fourth Mondays at 5:30pm, location varies

​​​Becoming Library Patrons of Godly Play

Beginning this fall families will be able to check out Godly Play sets through our library. 

Becoming Liturgists

Beginning October 2 with an instructed Eucharist.

This is an intergenerational, self-guided, mentoring study. As you feel led, we invite you into holy conversations around worship in key areas throughout the academic year and culminating with Pentecost. You may contact the people indicated or others to meet with them one-on-one or as a group. If you have about one conversation per month you should finish just in time. This is a great opportunity to ask those questions you have always wanted to ask. (Why do people make the sign of the cross? What does the Eucharist mean to you? What is it like to be a ministry leader? What kind of preparation do you do?) Let Marlene+ know that you have completed a conversation and she will give you a unique bead for each completed meeting in the areas below. You may collect the beads to make a bracelet, tie them to the ribbons in your prayer book or Bible, make a bookmark, or whatever your heart desires. Categories include:

  • Music Ministry
  • Altar Guild Ministry
  • The Deacon in Worship
  • Eucharistic Ministry
  • Lay Perspective of Worship
  • Lectoring
  • Ushering
  • The Priest in Worship
  • Any of our AV ministers


Children's Chapel

Located in the south solarium just off of our nave (main worship space)

The children's chapel is an interactive space for kids to explore the various elements of our liturgy and worship and to enjoy a playful and prayerful time with God. This space changes with the liturgical seasons to reflect our devotions throughout the year. This space may be used anytime but is especially for children to spend time and play during our Sunday services. Come and see for yourself! 


Monthly Adult Forums

Second Sundays at 9am (except March & April), location TBD & Zoom​​

  • February 12Anglican Rosary as Lenten Practice.Located in the fellowship hall and on Zoom. Knots and Beads and Stones: Let's Pray! What is the Anglican rosary and where did it come from? What is the sacred symbolism of the Anglican rosary? Why pray? How do I pray using an Anglican rosary? If any of these questions stir an inquiry within you, please join us to learn about the rosary and how to pray using this doorway into silent prayer for our February adult forum.
  • March 7-11 – Lenten Retreat at Mount Angel Abbey
  • April 9 – Easter: No class
  • May 21 – Becoming through Pentecost, Leader TBD

Becoming the People of God

Beginning September 18: Sundays at 9am | Please sign-up in advance. Signs ups are located in the narthex (entryway)

Weekly intergenerational formation and projects for children, youth, and adults (all ages welcome!)


1609 Elm St. Forest Grove, OR | 503-357-5300

Becoming Family
Monthly Activities and Service Projects to participate in and build our church family.


Other upcoming Activities

  • February – TBD
  • Sunday, March, 3pm – Spring Spruce-up at Cornelius Elementary
  • Sunday, April 2, 3pm – Palm Sunday Prayer Walk
  • May – TBD

​​“Becoming” Christian Formation Program

​Summer is winding to a close, and if you are like me you are looking forward to some cooler temperatures as we settle a bit closer to home. Summer can be a time of getting lost in the world, in many good ways. I hope that amidst our spiritual or physical travels we have also had some actual and spiritual homecomings in the continued call of Christ upon our lives. I hope we have had the opportunity to find and be found by God in new and life giving ways this summer.

Whatever our experience and wherever we have been, St. Bede’s – as Christ’s Body – welcomes us back to church as we grow together this year with the theme “Back to Basics.” In our BAC discussions we have noticed together lately the toll the pandemic has exacted from our parish life together. This is why we developed the theme “Back to Basics,” for our new focus in this year of learning. We hope to use this academic year to rediscover our Episcopal worship together by learning about and expressing our faith in new and exciting ways.

Jesus continually calls us back from waywardness into communion with God and our neighbors. We are excited to share St. Bede’s new, intergenerational “Becoming” Christian formation program with monthly targeted adult formation opportunities as you will see below.  We’ll be focussing on revitalizing our worship through mentoring and making congregational connections. Please see the enotes for our zoom link and password and contact the office if you are not receiving our enotes.

May God bless us as we focus on the basics of our faith in Christ together this academic year.

Every grace,

The Rev'd Marlene Mutchler, Vicar


in-person and via Zoom when possible