​St. Bede’s Christian Formation

​We offer a warm welcome
for anyone desiring to join us


Sundays 9 am  Adult Forum 
Children’s Sunday School 10am -Upstairs  

Bible Study, Mondays 2:30 pm in the Library

Adult Forum Schedule for January
January 7th and 14th NO FORUM

January 21st and January 28th  
         Pilgrimage to Santiago de Compestela  in NW Spain.
Stewart Nestor has a great video to show us concerning the planning and long arduous trek involved in making this pilgrimage journey. Bishop Michael Haney has made this long walking pilgrimage twice and hopes to complete it one more time.

​Bible Study
January 8th Resumes studies
        A study of the Gospel of Mark. 
This is the Gospel we shall primarily be reading on Sunday mornings so it will be very relevant to dig deeper for background information and clearer understanding of the phrases used and their meaning in the First Century. 

This Study will last 16 Mondays and will end about mid April  

We strive to know Christ more deeply and bring others to his redeeming grace.

1609 Elm St. Forest Grove, OR


​​St. Bede's Quilt and Prayer Shawl Ministry

​May God bless the work of our hands,
fill our projects with your love and bring
peace and joy to those for whom we create

We meet on the 2nd Saturday of each month from 9:00-noon in the Parish Hall. 
Next Meeting:  January 13, 2018

A new year awaits the stitching of a new batch of wheelchair lap quilts and the continuation of knitting or crocheting prayer shawls.  The blessed Christmas Season will be past and the weather will still be conducive to gathering inside with our kinship of stitchers as we design and sew together our creations.  We encourage  new people to come; you do not need to be experienced.  You will find a loving fellowship, creative energy and lots of fun.

So, help us start on our 2018 quilts and prayer shawls as we spread God’s peace and joy through our handiwork.  Bring your yarn and needles, sewing machine, cutting tools and mats if you have them, or just bring yourself on Saturday, January 13th, 9:00am to noon.    No experience necessary.

Questions?  Contact Bonnie Shumaker, 

Deacon's Report

excerpt from January 2018 Good News Letter

A Road Home, 10-Year Plan to End Homelessness, Year 9
Washington County’s Homelessness Assessment Report.
Major findings for 2017

Reports indicate an estimated 80% of the homeless living in vehicles are low-income and hard-working families who cannot afford housing due to rising rent costs. 
The population is primarily in two categories: 

  • Episodic homeless as a result of the imbalance between economic prosperity and housing affordability
  • Longer-term chronic homelessness.

Chronic homeless populations increased for a fourth year with 150 people chronically homeless, as compared to 77 people in 2013.

Veteran homelessness continues to decrease with 58 veterans reported in 2017, as compared to 103 veterans in 2012

82.4% of those who experienced homeless did so for the first time, as reported by emergency shelters and homeless housing programs.

5.2% of adults entering shelter and housing were discharged from Institutional Settings; e.g., State Hospital, Psychiatric Hospital, Inpatient Alcohol and Drug Treatment Facility, Jail, Prison, Juvenile Detention (<90 days).

Community Connect is a single-point entry system that provides referral to homeless housing programs.  (Community connect is operated by Community Action Organization.)

In Year 9 of A Road Home, Community Connect screened 1,943 households (5,192 people) with 1,246 households (3,155 people) experiencing or at imminent risk of homelessness.

Of the 1,246 households assessed, 34% are literally homeless per the HUD definition:

  • 32% live in places not meant for human habitation, or emergency shelter
  • 2% exited institutional care and now live in places not meant for human habitation.
  • 66% live in rental housing, stay with family or friends, or stay in hotel/motel.

Housing Affordability:
In Hillsboro, 2017, a 1-bedroom rental average:

  • $1,137/month
  • Vacancy rate, 3.4%

Local Washington County shelter information: 

  • November 2016, Bed stays:  216
  • November 2017, Bed stays:  512


2     Game Night, 6:30pm, Fellowship Hall
3     Holy Eucharist, 10am, Sanctuary
4     Evening Prayer, 5pm, Chapel, followed by Pub  
       Fellowship at Diversity Café
6     Brotherhood of St. Andrew, 8am, Fellowship Hall
7     Morning Prayer, 8:30am, Chapel
       Adult Form, 9am, Chapel
       Sunday School, 9:50am, Classroom
       Holy Eucharist, 10am, Sanctuary
       Reception for new Vicar & family, following
           Eucharist, Fellowship Hall
       Pastoral Care Mtg, following Eucharist, Library
8     Bible Study, 2pm, Library
10   Morning Prayer, 10am, Chapel
11   Evening Prayer, 5pm, Chapel, followed by Pub
           Fellowship at Diversity Café
13   Stitchery, 9am, Fellowship Hall
14   Morning Prayer, 8:30am, Chapel
       Adult Forum, 9am, Fellowship Hall
       Sunday School, 9:45am, Classroom
       Holy Eucharist, 10am, Sanctuary
       Pot Luck & Reception for Ken, following Eucharist,
           Fellowship Hall
15   Bible Study, 2pm, Library
17   Holy Eucharist, 10am, Chapel
       BAC, 6:30pm, Fellowship Hall
18   Evening Prayer, 5pm, followed by Pub
           Fellowship at Diversity Café
20   Brotherhood of St. Andrew, 8am, Fellowship Hall
21   Morning Prayer, 8:30am, Chapel
       Adult Forum, 9am, Fellowship Hall
       Sunday School, 9:45am, Classroom
       Holy Eucharist, 10am, Sanctuary
22   Bible Study, 2pm, Library
23   Community Hands Up Food Bank, 4pm, All Saints,                 Hillsboro
       Dairy Creek Community Food Web, 6pm,
           Fellowship Hall
24   Morning Prayer, 10am, Chapel
25   Evening Prayer, 5pm, Chapel, followed by Pub     
          Fellowship at Diversity Cafe
28   Morning Prayer, 8:30am, Chapel
       Adult Forum, 9am, Fellowship Hall
       Sunday School, 9:45am, Classroom      
       Holy Eucharist, 10am, Sanctuary