We strive to know Christ more deeply and bring others to his redeeming grace.

​May 6 - Celebrating Deacons

May 20 - Pentecost Portrait
May 30 - Installation of New Vicar

​June 2 - Pilgrims Walk

​July 26-28 Bedes at the Beach

1609 Elm St. Forest Grove, OR


The Lending Library at St Bede Episcopal Church is open for business again.  Check out the new books in the fiction department, both for adults and youth.
A variety of DVDs and VHS tapes are available as well.  So easy to check out a book or tape: Just record the date, the title of the item, its call number, and your full name.  When you are finished with the item, just return it to the RETURN SHELF.

And best of all, the library is now on-line--you can check out what is available from the convenience of your computer or mobile device.  
There is also a link on the St Bede webpage--click on the ABOUT US tab, scroll down to HELPFUL LINKS on the right side of the display for St Bede Lending Library catalog.   Of course, not all the items are in this catalog YET--it takes time to check the collection and enter into this resource, but it is a GREAT work in progress.

The collection is always in need of new items; feel free to donate your slightly used books for possible inclusion in the collection.  Remember that if the item is already in the collection, the best copy of the item will be kept, the other will be donated to the Forest Grove Public library for their semi-annual book sales.  And of course other items not kept for the collection will also be donated to the book sale.



Youth Group Beginnings

an excerpt from the June Good News Letter

Saturday May 12, eight youth and two drivers, Everett and Stewart, spent an afternoon looking at the ruins of Bayocean, the sunken city just beyond Tillamook. After arriving and before we got to the lost city, the youth took a detour down a path to explore a bog of reeds, mud and water. Some sucked their shoes right off their feet!
After exploring Bayocean, they ran down the dunes to the play in the water. Everett, our Kahuna, blazed a trail back to find the best return route. Like every good warrior, he fought his way through thorny bramble, brush and a thicket of pine trees, sacrificing, maybe not his life, but certainly limbs to find our way back. 
After the two hour adventure, we rested at the Tillamook creamery with ice cream all around. 

Summer Schedule 2018

  •  Beginning June 17, Holy Eucharist will be celebrated at 9 AM.  The 10AM service will resume September 9
  •  The last Adut Forum  will be June 10; resuming September 9
  • Children’s Sunday School is on summer hiatus, resuming September 9
  •  Monday Bible Study is on summer hiatus, resuming September 10
  • Stitchery will meet one last time on June 9, resuming again on September  8
  • Brotherhood of St. Andrew  will meet one last time on June 16, resuming again on September 1
  • ​Game Night is on summer hiatus, resuming September 4