June - Celebration and Event Calendar

Senior Warden Report

excerpt from The Good Newsletter, June 2017

So it was two thousand years ago that Jesus called children to come to him. At that time, children were the lowest on the rung of society. As he so often did, Christ broke with culture, with tradition to demonstrate the truth about the Kingdom of God. 

 We at St. Bede Episcopal Church are fortunate to have several of our youngest members join us for our Sunday service. To accommodate our youthful growth, we've opened our nursery and made our sunroom nursery more accessible for our new, fledgling members. 

Please join me in welcoming them with all of our heart and soul. 
Stewart Nestor

1     Evening Prayer, 5pm, Chapel
3     Brotherhood of St. Andrew, 8am, Fellowship Hall
4    Morning Prayer, 8:30am, Chapel
       Pentecost Breakfast, 9am, Fellowship Hall
       Holy Eucharist, 10am, Sanctuary
       Pastoral Care, following Eucharist, Library
7     Holy Eucharist, 10am, Chapel
8    Evening Prayer, 5pm, Chapel
       Relay for Life Team Mtg, 6pm, Fellowship Hall
10  Stitchery Ministry, 9am, Fellowship Hall
11  Morning Prayer, 8:30am, Chapel
       Holy Eucharist, 10am, Sanctuary
14   Morning Prayer, 10am, Chapel
15   Evening Prayer, 5pm, Chapel
17 Brotherhood of St. Andrew, 8am, Fellowship Hall
18   Morning Prayer, 8:30am, Chapel
       Holy Eucharist, 10am, Sanctuary
21  Holy Eucharist w/Healing, 10am, Chapel
       Bishop’s Advisory Committee  (BAC) Mtg, 6:30pm
22 Evening Prayer, 5pm, Chapel
25   Morning Prayer, 8:30am, Chapel
       Holy Eucharist, 10am, Sanctuary
27 Wm Temple House Food Bank, 4pm, All Saints,
     Hillsboro Dairy Creek Comm. Food Web, 6pm, Fellowship Hall
28   Morning Prayer, 8:30am, Chapel
29  Evening Prayer, 5pm, Chapel
      Relay for Life Team Mtg, 6pm, Fellowship Hall



We strive to know Christ more deeply and bring others to his redeeming grace.

Thanks to Jane, we were able to celebrate the Holy Eucharist on Sunday morning before cleaning up and heading home at noon.

We’ll be going again next year at the same time. Won’t you join us?

-Jan Potter

 Brotherhood of St. Andrew

​excerpt from The Good Newsletter, June 2017

Jim Nelsen, co-founder of our chapter, lead an inspiring topic the first Saturday in May on Spirituality and the Cosmos. Drawing from scientific discoveries about the nature of our universe, Jim engaged the men and the men engaged the topic to the point where the meeting was almost over before a donut was touched! 

For our second meeting in May, we invited Everett Charters to share his experience with the Asia Foundation. From 1987 to 2003, Everett worked for it and later became one of its Directors. In that position, he initiated a program to educate young girls. Cambodia has been for a long time the epicenter of the sex trade in childhood girls.  Everett's initiative was aimed at trying to prevent girls from being sold into it or just being sold to work in factories.   

Everett's presentation opened our eyes to the extent of poverty and its impact on families, especially girls. Educating girls brings greater stability to the family structure, increases prosperity for the community, not to mention the well being for these girls. 

Our next meeting is June 3, 8:00 AM.  Topic: Original Sin or Original Nature, The Church of the West vs the Church of the East. Lead by Stewart Nester.

Outreach Report
​excerpt from The Good Newsletter, June 2017

The summer lunch program is a great opportunity to serve those in our community and with summer just around the corner,  It's fast approaching. This is a federally funded program that meets the nutritional needs of those who can't afford to eat every meal everyday. We team up with the Forest Grove school district and many volunteers around the community to serve already cooked meals to kids from 1 to 18. These meals are served at various parks throughout town, but we will focus at Lincoln park. It's Monday through Friday at noon.   If you are interested in volunteering please let me know.  This is a very simple way we can make an impact and spread kindness.  It does not take much time and is very rewarding!  

In Christ, Beverly Frawley

Pentecost and Trinity Sunday 2017


1609 Elm St, Forest Grove, OR

​St. Bede’s Christian Formation

​excerpt from The Good Newsletter, June 2017

Sundays 10 am  Adult Forum On hiatus until after Labor Day
Children’s Sunday School -Upstairs  
On hiatus until September
1st & 3rd Saturday 8 am  Brotherhood of St. Andrews, Fellowship Hall

Mondays 2:30 pm   Bible Study- Resumes Sept. 11.

Books Recommended for Independent Study​
I am recommending that you read "The Secret Chord” by  Geraldine Brooks.   About 300 pages.  Easy Summer readingThere are 16 copies in Washington County Library System (WCLS).  Also in large print, downloadable ebook, and read to you on audiobook and CDs.  As you read and listen you will wonder “ Is this all recorded in scripture?  It is. 

For those working with homeless parents and children, through the backpack program , Food Bank, and the Summer Lunch program, I recommend the 2017 Pulitzer Prize nominated book,  “Evicted” by Matthew Desmond.  It is not light Summer reading but it was for me a page turner.  Also in the WCLS.

If things get any crazier, then escape, turn off the TV and email and instead “go deep” into a good book.

Deacon Val Ivey


Women’s Beach Retreat at Rockaway

​excerpt from The Good Newsletter, June 2017

Well, this year’s retreat has come and gone… but, as always, we had a wonderful time. There were 12 of us at Rockaway Beach for the weekend.

We started off our journey with a major problem – there was a fatal accident on Hwy 6. A man traveling from Rockaway to Portland went off the road and died at the scene. Our sincere prayers are with his wife and family as they grieve.

Thanks to cell phones, we were able to quickly re-route, coordinate with each other and change our tea reservation. Three hours later, we arrived to a warm welcome at LaTeaDa in Tillamook and enjoyed a lovely time together.

Next, off to our house! We had just perfect weather! Again, thanks to the guys for being so gracious and giving us “their” weekend at the beach. Most of us quickly unloaded our things and hit the deck or beach to enjoy the weather and the company.

We don’t have much of an agenda for this weekend. We talk, we eat, we walk on the beach, we sing, we watch a movie…and we bond. We get to share stories that we just don’t have time for at church. The people of St. Bede’s are great at community and hospitality – this is yet another example of this in practice. I love Val’s stories, I got to know Pamela Randall (such a pleasure), and I had a great time with Jane and Bev (ask Jane ​​about her new wild outfit!). Linda and I finally caught up; Jori and I walked on the beach and shared “son” stories; I got to sing with Jenny (always so much fun); Katie, Carol, Ginny, me and others gathered on the deck for a glass of wine – so relaxing. And Kathy came on Saturday, bringing her smile.