Message from the Interim Vicar
​excerpt from The Good Newsletter, July/August 2017

​Summer suggests a different pace, a change of direction, a new orientation to life.  Children are out of school, vacation plans are well underway, gardens are in full bloom, and those repair projects we have been putting off compete for our attention.

I believe that summer provides a real opportunity for “breakthroughs” to take place.  Out from under the pressures of life we’re able to relax a bit and allow the Spirit of God to move more freely within us.  We need to remember that the word Sabbath has its root in leisure or rest.  It is that time when we need not be overcome by the daily grind.

Summer can be a time to dream new dreams, to make new resolutions, and even to allow God to rekindle a few old resolves.  Take time to look at your spouse or partner, the one with whom you chose to share this life.  Take another look at your children whose guidance and nurture and safety is entrusted to you.  Take another look at the larger horizons of your life:  your friends, your church, your community.  Take the time to share yourself with them all!

But remember not to overdo.  Strive for a healthy balance in your recreation.  If you haven’t exercised for a while, begin a simple walking program for thirty minutes a day during the week and stretch it to an hour a day on the weekends.  Walk in the cool of the morning or the cool of the evening.

If you’ve planned a vacation away with every minute accounted for, you might consider changing your plans.  Often the “vacation to remember” becomes the “vacation from hell.”  Vacation time, leisure time, Sabbath time, is about renewing the spirit within and experiencing the life we all too often leave behind during our work-a-day ordinary life.

These wonderful summer months are a time to realize God’s presence in your life and to accept the movement of God’s spirit within you.  Let God re-create your common life in your family.  Let God enter in to make you know ever more fully that you are truly God’s beloved child.  Be kind with yourself.  Keep God in your heart and mind so that you may experience the “fullness of joy” that lies deep within us.

This summer is an opportunity to recapture your “holy” self.

The Rev. Dr. Kenneth J. Dorsch


2      Holy Eucharist, 10am, Chapel
3      Evening Prayer, 5pm, Chapel
        Fellowship, 5:30-pm, King’s Head Pub
6     Morning Prayer, 8:30am, Chapel
       Holy Eucharist, 10am, Sanctuary
       Pastoral Care, following Eucharist, Library
9     Holy Eucharist, 10am, Chapel
10   Evening Prayer, 5pm, Chapel

       Fellowship, 5:30-pm, The Diversity Cafe
13   Morning Prayer, 8:30am, Chapel
       Holy Eucharist, 10am, Sanctuary
16   Holy Eucharist w/Healing, 10am, Chapel
       Bishop’s Advisory Committee, 6:30pm, Fellowship Hall
17   Evening Prayer, 5pm, Chapel
       Fellowship, 5:30-pm, The Diversity Café
20   Morning Prayer, 8:30am, Chapel
       Holy Eucharist, 10am, Sanctuary
22    Wm Temple House Food Bank, 4pm, All Saints, Hillsboro
       Dairy Creek Community Food Web, 6pm, Fellowship Hall
23    Morning Prayer, 10am, Chapel
24   Evening Prayer, 5pm, Chapel
       Fellowship, 5:30-pm, The Diversity Café
27   Morning Prayer, 8:30am, Cj\hapel
       Holy Eucharist, 10am, Sanctuary
30    Morning Prayer, 10am, Chapel
31    Evening Prayer, 5pm, Chapel
        Fellowship, 5:30-pm, The Diversity Café

We strive to know Christ more deeply and bring others to his redeeming grace.

​St. Bede’s Christian Formation

Sundays 10 am  Adult Forum On hiatus until after Labor Day
Children’s Sunday School -Upstairs  
On hiatus until September
1st & 3rd Saturday 8 am  Brotherhood of St. Andrews, Fellowship Hall

Mondays 2:30 pm   Bible Study- Resumes Sept. 11.

Recommended Reading

I hope you are having  a good summer.   I just love this time to catch up on my reading and planning classes for the Fall.   I do recommend your reading the Diocese of Oregon Quarterly newsletter which you will find on the rack in our church entry way very soon; it is colorful, very well written and has fascinating articles on ventures into the community that many of our local churches are involved with.  These outreach projects are very relevant to our world needs today.  They are journeys of faith and transformation.  Enjoy. 

In Christ,
Deacon Val Ivey.


Pentecost and Trinity Sunday 2017

​Celebration and Event Calendar


1609 Elm St, Forest Grove, OR

Senior Warden Report

excerpt from The Good Newsletter, July/August 2017

I am happy to report that the BAC has extended Ken's contract with us as our interim minister until January 15, 2018.  Ken was gracious enough to extend his time with us these extra months.  Come January 15, Ken's contract expires. He and Joy are planning a two month road trip through our beautiful country soon afterward.

 Ken's service to us has been stellar and without equal these past two years. As your Senior Warden, it excites me to no end, knowing Ken is here to guide and shepherd  us till the end of the year. If you get a chance, give Ken a big thank you!

Stewart Nestor

Senior Warden

 Brotherhood of St. Andrew

​excerpt from The Good Newsletter, July/August 2017
June was a busy month for the Brotherhood of St. Andrew with two meetings and our Pentecost Breakfast. On June 3 we got in a lively discussion about the Church after a history lesson of the distinguishing differences between the Roman/Orthodox Church and the Eastern Church (Nestorians and Jacobites) of the first 1000 years of Christianity. 

Eight days later we put on our cook hats and cooked a egg, sausage, blue berry   pancake breakfast for the congregation before the Sunday service. And we capped off the month with our final meeting of the year before summer break at Fire House Pizza on Friday June 17. We had a great turnout with our spouses joining us for the evening of good food, drink and company. 

The Brotherhood of St. Andrew is open to all men and meets every first and third Saturday mornings except during our current summer break. We shall return the third Saturday this September at 8:00 AM, St. Bede Episcopal Church.