Celebration and Event Calendar
3     Morning Prayer, 8:30am, Chapel
       Holy Eucharist, 10am, Sanctuary
       Pastoral Care Mtg, following service, Library
6     Holy Eucharist, 10am, Chapel
7     Evening Prayer, 5pm, Chapel
​       Morning Prayer, 8:30am, Chapel
       Homecoming, 9am, Fellowship Hall
       Holy Eucharist, 10am, Sanctuary
11   Bible Study, 2:30pm, Library
13   Morning Prayer, 10am, Chapel
14   Evening Prayer, 5pm, Chapel
16   Brotherhood of St. Andrew, 8am, Fellowship Hall
17   Morning Prayer, 8:30am, Chapel
       Adult Forum, 9am, Fellowship Hall
       Sunday School, 9:45am, Classroom
       Holy Eucharist, 10am, Sanctuary
18   Bible Study, 2:30pm, Library
20   Holy Eucharist w/Healing, 10am, Chapel
       Bishop’s Advisory Committee Meeting, 6:30pm
20   Evening Prayer, 5pm, Chapel
24   Morning Prayer, 8:30am, Chapel
       Adult Forum, 9am, Fellowship Hall
       Sunday School, 9:45am, Classroom
       Holy Eucharist, 10am, Sanctuary
25   Bible Study, 2:30pm, Library
26   Wm Temple House Food Bank, 4pm,
       All Saints, Hillsboro
       Dairy Creek Community Food Web, 
​       6pm, Fellowship Hall
26   Morning Prayer, 10am, Chapel
27   Evening Prayer, 5pm, Chapel

Message from the Interim Vicar
​excerpt from The Good Newsletter, October 2017

This fall in our adult forums we are looking at what it means to be Christian disciples.   We are struggling to better understand who we are (our identity) and what we are called to do (our ministry).  In the early church they had the same questions about what communities of faith are all about:  places where we discover our identity and the way that identity is expressed in our actions.  Over time the early Christian communities understood their purpose by referring to four primary functions:

  • · Community (Koinonia)
  • · Proclamation (Kerygma)
  • · Teaching (Didache)
  • · Service (Diakonia)

Together these four functions were thought to be the “Work of the People” (Liturgia – another key word in Greek).  So our liturgy is not simply the inner directed work we do when we gather for worship (what could be understood as our “intensive” liturgy), but also the outer directed work we do as we go about our daily lives in the world (our “extensive” liturgy).  I think that these same four functions are a good measuring stick to review, revive and reinvigorate our common life.

Saint Bede’s is called to be a community of growth and support, where people are intentionally transformed into disciples willing and eager to carry the good news of God in Christ to the needs of the world.  Week by week the Gospel needs to be told and retold in such a way that faith comes alive within this congregation. 

Saint Bede’s is called to be a center of teaching, opening up the scriptures, the stories, and reflections on the faith, so they can change us.  But beyond that, each member is called to discover gifts of serving and calls for service, going to places of hurt in order to bring about healing – both within this congregation as well as in the community outside our boundaries.

The implications of taking these four functions as norms for our common life are enormous.  If we are to continue the ministry of reconciliation Jesus modeled for us in his life and ministry, if we are to live as if our baptismal identity is primary, if we are to truly be the Body of Christ in the world – then Saint Bede’s must become a place of transformation, a community where people are supported and equipped to become disciples in the world.

But most important of all, as we look towards our future, we have to trust God to lead us and fill us with the energizing and transforming power of the Holy Spirit.  Together we are called to grow in faith:  faith in Jesus as Lord and Savior, and faith in the Holy Spirit as God’s continuing presence in our lives.  Then, of course, we must live in and live into that faith!

The Rev. Dr. Kenneth J. Dorsch
Interim Vicar


We strive to know Christ more deeply and bring others to his redeeming grace.

5TH   All Saints Sunday. Come prepared to share something

         about your favorite Saint.
12th  500th Celebration of Martin Luther and Protestantism
         To compare the Culture and Church … then in 1517
          with today 2017.
19th   A Celebration of Bread – Going Deeper into the Bread

          Dough, led by David Ferrier
26th   Learning more about the production of wine and the
​          metaphor “wine” and “vines”  in Holy Scripture.


​St. Bede’s Christian Formation

Sundays 10 am  Adult Forum 
Children’s Sunday School -Upstairs  

Bible Study, Mondays 2:30 pm in the Library


Adult Forum Schedule for October and November

8th   Blessing of Animals – Spirituality of All Created Creatures. 
          Share your favorite animal stories
15th    Presentation by Stewardship Committee
22nd   Book Discussion on “Being Disciples: Essentials of the 
           Christian Life” by Rowan Williams. #3 Forgiveness.
           Discussion led by Rev Ken Dorsch
29th    Book Discussion on “Being Disciples: Essentials of the

           Christian Life” by Rowan Williams.  #4 Holiness
​           Discussion led by Rev Ken Dorsch


Stewardship 2017
an excerpt from November 2017 GoodNewsletter

Life is an opportunity and a journey – a journey to saying “Yes” to the God who calls us Beloved. Life is a journey to love, to welcome and to invite; a journey to create peace and to live generously.

In his reflection for November 12, Bishop Robert C. Wright of Atlanta writes: “When we give we are participating in the personhood of God. We are participating in what is most real in the universe – God’s inexhaustibleness! We are making God real in the world by lending God our flesh through partnership.”

The Journey to Generosity is about participating in God’s inexhaustibleness. But first we must believe that God’s love, healing, and forgiveness are inexhaustible. We must overcome our trepidation about God’s nature so that we can say “Yes” to God’s call to partnership.

​If this sounds like a great risk, consider also these words of Bishop Wright: “When we give, you might say, we are rolling the dice in a game, the outcome of which we are already certain. God is love. And loving is giving.”

We invite you this year to take the risk of believing the outcome is certain and to participate in the inexhaustibleness of God by confidently joining our journey to greater generosity.

Let us walk together on this Journey to Generosity so the glory of God might shine brighter through the mission and ministries of St. Bede Episcopal Church.

Your Stewardship Team
​Laurie, Theresa, Kathy, Stewart and Wendy


1609 Elm St, Forest Grove, OR